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These wounds are most likely to become dangerously infected[edit | edit source]

  • Dirty wounds, or wounds made with dirty objects
  • Puncture wounds and other deep wounds that do not bleed much
  • Bites, especially from pigs, dogs, or people
  • Wounds made where animals are kept: in corrals, pig pens, etc.
  • Large wounds with severe mashing or bruising
  • Bullet wounds

Special care for this type of ‘high risk’ wound[edit | edit source]

  1. Do your initial assessment and first aid. Stop any dangerous bleeding.
  2. Get the person to a health center to have the wound cleaned well of dirt, blood clots, and dead or badly damaged flesh.
  3. The health center should give an antibiotic if it is necessary and a tetanus booster shot. If the wound is from an animal bite and there is a chance of rabies, the health center should give an immunization.
  4. Never close this type of wound with stitches or ‘butterfly’ bandages. Leave the wound open.

See Infected wounds for first aid care information.

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