Transexuals are females.Transexuals have male bulk but in feminin shape.Its just a large girl.They from their reproduction reproduce females or more girls.There are naturally born model transexuals.Transexuals have a feminin name.Their body is of female branch.They have female body parts but in male quantity which is more.Maintain their figure as I do.But I translated to more male messages to be the same as guys which is the problem of tranny's they are not the same as guys in nature.I have this and could retain more female form with drugs,medications.Transexuals have male in them but interpreted into female.Too many of them have too much female in them reliability on guys as females.Hormone.Hormone is different than usual as they have hidden organs inside.Space the female with female's body tolally is reverse girl with male.Means they transwomen having female but male commands in the body.Messages.Their organs as their hormones is not the same as females and is estrogen really which is not to be mixed or it will cause problems.Attractive women can only be transexual females as its outgoing to be obscene and more adult looking. They have male attributes shaped into female.Naturally born tranny's have no man in them at all.They are a big girl and were born a girl.Not done artificial.Artificial is another group has nothing to do with this paper.Outer appearance lack being female properly making estrogen from her glands.In transfussion she needs not female all the way.She needs some male to make an estrogen that is transexual female hormone.Not to be mixed as they do too much.They need categories especially in health.Own categories.As a group females they have creator. They have everything their own and in health everything.Won't find anything male as this is a disorder.They are taking the qualities of guys but not the face and other things.Its to make large girls that one day equal to man but female.This is how nature will do it.And in space. Gender must not be mixed or it goes criminally.Fine looks and appearance beauty from attractive women gender as this one is.Seperate all the terminology and to have their own as females are like this.They are not this open to allowing in any ugly people in.Its not meant for ugly people.More outgoing life and things for the body to have a beautiful shape.And this is in hormones and other medical branches.Type of a large female or s strong one.But as in crime they need laws put down on them.,44036

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