In 2010, the manifesto was discussed at the street medic conference in NE Ohio. Below is a list of language changes the street medics came up with to make the manifesto more relevant to their work/paradigm/philosophies:


  • confront oppressive behavior
  • respect all traditions
  • respectively disagree
  • thoughts on how to verify references: who trained you? who do you know? this is a way to check competence and establish a little security. if you don't have resources to verify references, it is acceptable to ask people to leave


  • all individuals stand up for themselves and collectively stand up for each other
  • deal with your own shit
  • keep rising movement growing
  • speak out if you feel insecure


  • develop tools to do our jobs as medics
  • work with locals - we must ask permission or have an invitation to help
  • face and confront internal oppressive issues
  • develop mediation/conflict resolution skills to resolve disagreements
  • all medic teams rotate through security/chores in clinic/medic spaces to ensure decentralization
  • remember that a back-up clinic or set of supplies is on a need-know-basis
  • spokescouncil model - must streamline meetings
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