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A person who has one or more of the following signs is probably too sick to be treated at home without skilled medical help. Their life may be in danger. Call 911 or get to an emergency room, and wait with the person for advanced care to arrive.

  1. Loss of large amounts of blood from anywhere in the body.
  2. Coughing up blood.
  3. Marked blueness of lips and nails (if it is new).
  4. Great difficulty in breathing; does not improve with rest.
  5. The person cannot be wakened (coma).
  6. The person is so weak he faints when he stands up.
  7. A day or more without being able to urinate.
  8. A day or more without being able to drink any liquids.
  9. Heavy vomiting or severe diarrhea that lasts for more than one day or more than several hours in babies.
  10. Black tarry stools or vomiting blood.
  11. Strong, continuous stomach pains with vomiting in a person who does not have diarrhea or cannot have a bowel movement.
  12. Any strong continuous pain that lasts for more than three days.
  13. Stiff neck with arched back, with or without a stiff jaw.
  14. A seizure in someone with fever or serious illness.
  15. High fever (Above 39 degrees C) that cannot be brought down or that lasts more than four or five days.
  16. Weight loss over an extended time.
  17. Blood in urine.
  18. Sores that keep growing and do not go away with treatment.
  19. A lump in any part of the body that keeps getting bigger.
  20. Problems with pregnancy or childbirth:
  21. any bleeding during pregnancy.
  22. swollen face and trouble seeing in the last months.
  23. long delay once the waters have broken and labor has begun.
  24. severe bleeding.

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