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Medic Space Setup[edit | edit source]

Some considerations for medic spaces (e.g., at protest camps or convergence centers).[edit | edit source]

Running water point

Separate chemical toilet for patients with diarrhea/vomiting, to prevent contamination of facilities  

Screened-off area for treatment

Resting space or sleeping space for patients for recovery and monitoring

Communications on site and with other support organizations

Agreement and arrangements for obtaining official medical help or ambulance on site if needed

Transport contacts, for site or private taxis, for evacuating patients without requiring an ambulance

Contact list/arrangements for available backup medics, possibly including some competency information (e.g., CPR skills)

A roster, including backup medic teams, in attendance or on call

  • agree the remits of the primary and backup medic teams

Organized kit, including clinical waste bin

Liaise with site well being teams

Refreshments (for patients)

A kettle to heat water, and for tea

Open 24 hours, medics sleep in the medic space, or provide a contact (e.g., a telephone number on the door out of hours)

Provide a basic "help yourself" box with sunblock, tweezers, plasters, etc., at the medic space, or kits in areas or barrios.

Have a portable first aid kit for medics attending patients away from the medic space.

Life saving first aid equipment available (e.g. face masks for resuscitation).

A "media free" space. This can be designated with signs and a way to partially rope off the area.

A smoke-free radius around the space. This can be designated with signs and a way to partially rope off the area.

Agreed team protocol, e.g.:

  • agreed remit for the medic team
  • using "buddy" system
  • how to handle disagreements between medics during treatment
  • avoiding hanging out in and crowding the medic space
  • patient confidentiality
  • how often to have team meetings and debriefing (e.g. daily).

Agree on record keeping

  • Can be used for evidence as well as logging cases
  • Liaise with site legal teams
  • Can use designated names
  • Consider secure disposal or hiding place in case of raid

Public health considerations

  • Track down source(s) of spreading illnesses, consider evacuating offsite or quarantine area

Further resources[edit | edit source]

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  • Setting Up a First Aid Clinic [PDF] [HTML]
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