Street Medic Wikia (beta), the online resource for street medics that anyone can edit

The aim of this wiki is to develop a collaboratively edited information resource focused on treatment protocols, medical issues, ethics, and historical information of use to street medics.

Contents[edit | edit source]

The medic mini wiki currently contains articles in the following categories:

  1. Treatment protocols
  2. Medical issues
  3. Injury aftercare

Moderation[edit | edit source]

The moderator of the Medic mini wiki Is Gobblehook from Louisiana. She seeks other moderators. Moderators watch over the wiki as a whole to insure usefulness, coherency, and relevancy of articles. We also answer questions and provide help.

What makes a star article[edit | edit source]

  • A star article is well-researched and contains references to relevant sources, so that future medic trainers or historians can verify its assertions and update it as necessary.
  • A star article is concise. It lays out the action or protocol in as few words as possible to make sure that what is most important is memorable. Medics must always pursue further training. The trainings these articles accompany are never the last word.
  • A star article is complete.
    • If it is a protocol, it reinforces the medic scope of practice, provides the basic background and vocabulary, explains step-by step how to respond, and indicates how to know further help is needed.
    • If it is an action report, it contains enough information to grasp the action in place, time, affiliation, size, and character; and contains the critical or statistical report of medics who responded.
  • A star article is readable. It follows grammatical rules, is readable by people with low literacy, is easily translatable into other languages, and avoids unnecessary subcultural buzzwords or judgements.
  • A star article is linked to a few other relevant articles, to provide an opportunity for a small amount of further research.
  • A star article is reviewed and accepted by the street medic community.
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