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The aim of this wiki is to develop a collaboratively edited information resource focused on medical issues, treatment protocols, ethical standards, and historical information of use to street medics.

The featured article this week is Initial assessment.


The medic mini wiki currently contains articles in the following categories:

  1. Treatment protocols
  2. Medical issues
  3. Injury aftercare
  4. Roles and ethics
  5. Historical events

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Current events

  • The Medic mini wiki pre-release was created Oct. 27 2006
  • Oaxaqueno health workers need our thoughts, prayers, and support.[1]
  • The Houston janitor's strike which requested street medic support ended on November 20th. The more than 1,700 janitors who walked off the job last month won a contract that will increase their pay and hours and allow for health care in the future. Thank you to medics.[2]
  • UFPJ has announced an anti-war march on Washington, D.C., on Sat. January 27, and a national "3 Days of Action to end the War" for March 19-27, 2007.
  • The 2007 Great Lakes Anarchist Gathering will be held the second weekend in April in Toledo. Chicago medics may start a working group to plan for coordinated participation.[3]
  • The United States Social Forum will be held from June 27 - July 1 2007 in Atlanta. The Local Host Committee expects 20-30,000 activists, educators, organizers and citizens. They request street medic support during the social forum.[4]

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What is a street medic?

Street medics, or action medics, are volunteers with varying degrees of medical training who attend protests and demonstrations to provide medical care such as first aid. Unlike regular emergency medical technicians, who work for state-sponsored institutions, street medics operate as civilians, and are not protected from arrest.

Street medic organizations also do heathcare related projects in their communities and abroad. Street medics run low-income herbal health clinics, wellness clinics for migrant workers, and temporary family practice clinics to support people who are organizing for self-defense or advocating for their rights. A group of street medics founded the first health clinic to open in New Orleans after Hurricane Katrina.

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