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== Opportunities to Learn ==
== Opportunities to Learn ==
'''January 9-11, 2015: Lancaster, Pennsylvania''',<br>
'''20 Hour Street Medic Training'''<br>
Trainers affiliated with FLAME (Finger Lakes Action Medics & Educators) and others medic collectives.
'''February 6-8, 2015: Cleveland, Ohio'''<br>
'''February 6-8, 2015: Cleveland, Ohio'''<br>

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Street Medic Wikia (beta), the online resource for street medics that anyone can edit

Medic Wiki

This wiki is a collaboratively edited information resource focused on medical issues, treatment protocols, ethical standards, and historical information of use to street medics. If you have any questions that aren't answered by following the links or using the search box, Ask a streetmedic.


The medic mini wiki currently contains articles in the following categories:

  1. Health and safety
  2. Treatment protocols
  3. Medical issues
  4. Injury aftercare
  5. Roles and ethics
  6. Medic space
  7. Historical events
  8. Articles requested for translation
  9. How To Organize A Street Medic Training

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Current events

Feel free to add upcoming events of interest to street medics in your area in this section.

Opportunities to Medic




The Tar Sands Blockade in East Texas is in high gear! For info about getting involved email tsbcomms@riseup.net.

Opportunities to Learn

February 6-8, 2015: Cleveland, Ohio
20 Hour Street Medic Training
https://www.facebook.com/events/362789883845617/ Trainers affiliated with FLAME (Finger Lakes Action Medics & Educators), Colorado Street Medics, and formerly affiliated with Katuah Medics.

Featured article

The featured article is a historical look at street medic coverage of an important action in our history:

What is a street medic?

Street medic "Alpha Team." Protests against the Trans-Atlantic Business Dialogue. Cincinnati 2000.

Street medics, or action medics, are volunteers with varying degrees of medical training who attend protests and demonstrations to provide medical care such as first aid. Unlike emergency medical technicians, who work for state-sponsored institutions, street medics operate as civilians, and are not protected from arrest.

Street medic organizations also run low-income herbal health clinics, wellness clinics for migrant workers, and temporary family practice clinics to support people who are organizing for self-defense or advocating for their rights. A group of street medics founded the first health clinic to open in New Orleans after Hurricane Katrina.


More about street medics

Join the Action-Medical listserv

To join the listserv where street medics post events, calls for action, and discuss protocol go the following webpage and click on "Join this Group" http://groups.yahoo.com/group/action-medical

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