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What Lockdowns are[edit | edit source]

Lockdowns are arrestable actions where protestors place themselves with devices which makes it difficult to remove them quickly without causing physical harm to the protestor. The presence of the protestor may prevent roadways, gates, doors, or equipment from being used. Typically the protestor is able to release themselves from the devices, although not always- as in the case of those utilizing bicycle U-locks. Devices known as lockboxes are purpose-built and designed so that the user(s) can unlock themselves and can be reinforced with a wide variety of materials, however the user(s) will not be able to use either of their hands in the meanwhile.

Lockbox Use[edit | edit source]

Lockboxes should always be tested before they are used, ideally by the person who will be using them in a similar environment where they will be used (rainy, cold, hot). Poorly designed devices may be difficult to lock in, difficult to unlock, cut off bloodflow to the hands, force the body into an uncomfortable position unsuitable for long periods of time, cause friction burns or cuts to the arms, etc.

Lockdown Health[edit | edit source]

Lockdowns require dedicated support people to monitor the well-being of the lockdown crew, making sure that they stay hydrated, at a reasonable temperature, with an adequate blood-sugar level, and that bloodflow is not being restricted to the hands or other extremities. The support people should be aware of all the relevant health problems and issues of the lockbox crew.

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