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2016 Edit

  • The Standing Rock Sioux set up camp in protest of the Dakota Access Pipeline encroaching on their lands, #NoDAPL, enduring harsh police reactions. Street medics treated patients who faced chemical weapons, blunt force trauma, and hypothermia from the use of water-cannons when the outside temperature was below freezing.

2015 Edit

  • Medical assistant LeeAnne Walters noticed symptoms of what was apparently lead exposure in her four children. She began researching and protesting and contacting researchers-- which blew the lid on Flint, MI's water crisis.

2014 Edit

  • Hong Kong students staged an outdoor occupation in protest of upcoming election reforms, nicknamed the "Umbrella Protests" for their use of the tool for protection from both weather and chemical weapons.

2013 Edit

  • The Twitter hashtag #BlackLivesMatter was coined by three Black, queer women, in response to the acquittal of George Zimmerman, who murdered Trayvon Martin, catalyzing an ongoing protest movement.

2011 Edit

  • Occupy Wall Street and affiliated actions call on Street Medics for mobilizations and encampment health. Some Occupy-related medic teams become permanent organizations.

2010 Edit

  • Mutual Aid Disaster Relief in Haiti [1] (Disaster response)
  • Street Medic Conference, NE Ohio

2009 Edit

2008 Edit

  • Stop I-69 - Indiana (Environmental justice / Anti-globalization)
  • Mountain justice summer - Appalachia (Community organizing / self-defense)
  • Southeast convergence for climate action - Louisa County, VA (Environmental justice)
  • Republican national convention - St Paul, MN (???)
  • Critical Resistance 10 - Oakland, CA (Prison abolition)
  • Hurricane Ike disaster relief - Dulac, LA (Disaster relief / Indigenous sovereignty)

2007 Edit

  • Mountain justice spring break - Appalachia (Community organizing / self-defense)
  • BioJustice2007 action support and free health clinic - Boston (Anti-globalization / Environmental justice / Community-based clinic)
  • Convergence against the G8 - Heiligendamm, Germany (Anti-globalization)
  • United States social forum - Atlanta (Civil rights / Anti-globalization / Environmental justice)

2006 Edit

  • 2005-2006 Common Ground Health Clinic - LA - One year retreat notes.(Community-based clinic)
  • Support during Oaxaca uprising - Mexico (Community self-defense)
  • Protests outside Mexican consulates - US (Solidarity)

2005 Edit

  • Mountain justice summer - Appalachia (Community organizing / self-defense)
  • Hurricane Katrina survivor support - LA, MS (Community Self-defense)

2004 Edit

2003 Edit

  • 2003-06 Lausanne G8 protest activity - Switzerland (Anti-globalization)
  • Cascadia summer - OR (Forest defense)
  • Free Trade Area of the Americas (FTAA) summit protests - FL (Anti-globalization)
  • Support during al-Aqsa Intifada - Palestine (Community Self-defense)

2002 Edit

  • World Economic Forum summit protests - NY (Anti-globalization)
  • Support during al-Aqsa Intifada - Palestine (Community Self-defense)

2001 Edit

2000 Edit

1999 Edit

World Trade Organization summit protests - WA (Anti-globalization)

1998 Edit

1998 Minnehaha free state (MN) (Community Self-defense)

1973 Edit

Wounded Knee Incident / AIM Occupation - SD (Community Self-defense)

1972 Edit

Republican national convention (RNC) protests - FL (???)

Young lords Lincoln hospital take-over - NY (Community self-defense)

1969 Edit

Stonewall riots - NY (Community self-defense)

1968 Edit

Democratic national convention (DNC) protests - IL (???)

1965 Edit

Marches from Selma to Montgomery - AL (Civil Rights)

1964 Edit

Freedom Summer - MS (Civil Rights)

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