On August 21st, 2012 some street medics had a public discussion to discus the topics of street medics, media, gender and ethics. It is hoped there will be more discussions in the future of this type and style. This is the chat log.

[4:48 PM] hexe: Okay
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[5:43 PM] jonesy: leave it to jones to be 20 min. early for everything
[5:45 PM] hexe: Heya jonesy!
[5:45 PM] hexe: I'm gonna wait for more people to show up before we dive into stuffs.
[5:45 PM] hexe: It's good to see ya though!
[5:46 PM] jonesy: Hi! Thanks! Good 2 C u too!
[5:48 PM] hexe: And hi to you to null.
[5:48 PM] hexe: :D
[5:48 PM] jonesy: This is really exciting!
[5:49 PM] hexe: The internet is ALWAYS exciting.
[5:50 PM] jonesy: Yeah, with such a stellar cast n crew!!!
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[5:52 PM] hexe: Hi Haze! :)
[5:52 PM] mostlyhazey: hi!
[5:54 PM] hexe: So as soon as a few more people show up I'm going to ask everyone to introduce themselves
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[5:55 PM] hexe: And pose some questions about the topics and see how the discussion goes.
jonesy: sounds great!
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hexe: Hiya Esther!
[6:00 PM] esther_mack: oh hey
[6:01 PM] esther_mack: okay disregard the email i just sentcha
[6:01 PM] hexe: Is the chatroom working okay for you?
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[6:01 PM] esther_mack: yep now it is
hexe: Kewl
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[6:02 PM] hexe: So, how's everybody doing? (While we wait for a few more folks to show up.)
dnnlkh: Late! Or is this 6pm PST?
[6:02 PM] esther_mack: good! I'm applying to some free courses :)
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[6:03 PM] hexe: This is indeed 6pm PST
[6:03 PM] hexe: Yay free courses!
[6:03 PM] hexe: Learning is the best.
dnnlkh: excellent.
[6:04 PM] jonesy: its an adventure!
dnnlkh: :)
[6:06 PM] jonesy: sun just went down out here in EST
[6:06 PM] hexe: Okay, I'm note sure how much activist time leeway I should give in this situation,
[6:07 PM] esther_mack: How many people are we waiting on?
[6:07 PM] hexe: so I'm gonna wait until 10 past and ask everyone to introduce themselves.
[6:07 PM] hexe: Well, I emailed the link to over 15 people who said they were interested,
[6:07 PM] hexe: but that doesn't mean they'll all show up.
onesy: OK. good! Would anyone like to talk about copying this thread, is it ok with everyone?
[6:09 PM] jonesy: to copy this into a word file?
[6:09 PM] esther_mack: for what purpose?
[6:09 PM] jonesy: for later use at trainings n such?
[6:09 PM] dnnlkh: For action medical or ... ?
[6:10 PM] hexe: I'm already copying everything into a word file, the intention of this was to document it
[6:10 PM] jonesy: awesome, thanks hexe
hexe: I apologize if that's a surprise to anyone, I was pretty clear in the forst email I sent
[6:11 PM] hexe: that this was being documented
[6:11 PM] hexe: *first
[6:11 PM] esther_mack: I don't mind, I just forgot it was said
[6:11 PM] hexe: I can haz speeling. :)
[6:11 PM] dnnlkh: Sounds good.
hexe: Okay, can I ask everyone to introduce themselves a little bit?Only as much as you're comfy
[6:13 PM] hexe: Name, background, whatever you feel is important.
[6:13 PM] hexe: I can go first?
[6:13 PM] mostlyhazey: cool :)
[6:14 PM] hexe: I'm hexe, I'm a street medic since 2004 and a WEMT. I like the internet!
[6:14 PM] hexe: And I like discussing stuff like how we can do all our cool shit better.
[6:14 PM] hexe: Ok, next?
esther_mack: I'm Esther, street medic since this winter and I like the Internet too
[6:15 PM] esther_mack: and I'm totally queer.
[6:15 PM] dnnlkh: Kat, street medic since 2002 - first with BARHC, now North Star Health Collective in MN.
hexe: Oh I forgot about that bit: I'm a genderqueer/trans person who likes....adventure?
dnnlkh: Loving how street medicine is evolving with social media
[6:16 PM] dnnlkh: Pass
onesy: Nice all, I'm jones, street medic since pittsburgh: herbs, hospital experience...
[6:17 PM] jonesy: videographer n editor
mostlyhazey: i am haze, i have been a street medic for about nine years and i am also an emt
[6:17 PM] mostlyhazey: the internet is pretty alright i suppose
jonesy: yes n i feel like we're really talking
[6:18 PM] mostlyhazey: i am also a genderqueer/trans person. mostly i like tea. adventures can stay too.
[6:18 PM] hexe: Tea is wonderful. :)
[6:19 PM] hexe: Ok, I'm going to pose some quetions around the intersections of street medics and media
[6:19 PM] hexe: and um
[6:19 PM] esther_mack: Oh yes I like tea
[6:20 PM] hexe: I guess we can talk about them and stuff?
[6:20 PM] hexe: And tea
[6:20 PM] esther_mack: lots of tea :)
[6:20 PM] hexe: We can alwasy talk about tea
[6:20 PM] hexe: *always
[6:20 PM] jonesy: where do you get those nice emoticons?
[6:20 PM] esther_mack: : ) but without the space
[6:20 PM] hexe: I just type happy faces and they appear
[6:21 PM] jonesy: ok thanks
[6:21 PM] hexe: magic!
[6:21 PM] jonesy: :-)
[6:21 PM] hexe: exactly!
dnnlkh: Also y'all are getting twofered by some brownie creation. I may have reply lag.
[6:22 PM] jonesy: Hmm
[6:22 PM] jonesy: can u say more about it?
[6:22 PM] hexe: That's okay, the internet is here for you. And your brownies.
onesy: ok I C.
[6:22 PM] esther_mack: And tea.
[6:23 PM] dnnlkh: *settling into it.*
[6:24 PM] jonesy: I have reply lag just 'cuz
[6:25 PM] hexe: Ok, so the reason I wanted to do this is because of the amount of media we interact
[6:25 PM] hexe: and how much of activism is being broadcast these days
[6:25 PM] hexe: I feel like it changes the way we as medics roll
[6:26 PM] jonesy: like superstars, you mean?
[6:26 PM] dnnlkh: Since we're being documented?
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[6:27 PM] hexe: Yes, in a way.
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[6:28 PM] hexe: The huge amount of citizen media is in many ways one of the only weapons activists have,
[6:28 PM] hexe: but there are the issues of anonymity, both for medics and patients
[6:29 PM] hexe: and who feels comfortable interacting with media, as opposed to simply dealing with it
[6:29 PM] jesse: legal issues as well as we are starting to see with the May Day investigation
[6:29 PM] hexe: exactly
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[6:29 PM] hexe: so my first question/topic is: How do we protect our patient confidentiality?
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[6:30 PM] jonesy: Yes. each time having to think it through.

[6:30 PM] dnnlkh: This brings to mind the patient that went under the van in Chicago. A privacy circle went
[6:30 PM] dnnlkh: up around him, followed by arms reaching i
dnnlkh: This brings to mind the patient that went under the van in Chicago. A privacy circle went
[6:30 PM] dnnlkh: up around him, followed by arms reaching in with cell phone cameras.
[6:30 PM] jesse: Privacy circles work well
[6:31 PM] jb: joined the group whiteboard.
[6:31 PM] dnnlkh: Less well these days is my point.
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[6:31 PM] jesse: True
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[6:32 PM] bird_brains: joined the group whiteboard.
[6:32 PM] jonesy: I'm glad u brought this up, Hexe
[6:32 PM] jesse: You can always ask the person filming to wait until you get consent
[6:32 PM] hexe: And with patient confidentiality, I would also like to discuss how medics and media
[6:32 PM] hexe: interact
[6:32 PM] hexe: and how we can support each other
[6:32 PM] jb: Some protesters held their flags in front of acmeras at the privacy circke after the van i
[6:33 PM] jonesy: There's media and there's the FBI
[6:33 PM] jesse: With mainstream media I have used the line, "this person may be interested in giving in
[6:33 PM] jesse: giving
jesse: giving interveiws but will only give interveiws to people who respect there privacy now
[6:34 PM] jb: An insistent media person can be asked if they really want to create a document of the pat
[6:34 PM] jesse: worked pretty wee
esther_mack: Then there's the issue of cases where consent cannot be given
[6:34 PM] jb: *patient's treatment which would be subject to HEPA
esther_mack: like the person in new york on march 17 who had a medical issue during their arrest
[6:34 PM] esther_mack: Their issue was caught on film and subsequently hugely useful in court
[6:35 PM] esther_mack: but said person was unable to give consent
[6:35 PM] jonesy: UGH.
bird_brains: :( i have body-blocked media when my medic buddy was providing care (flushes, etc) and ask
[6:36 PM] esther_mack: (I did not witness this firsthand, being in police custody myself at the time, but heard
[6:36 PM] esther_mack: about it in jail first-hand and afterwards online)
bird_brains: or tell that means when my patient can breathe/etc.
[6:37 PM] hexe: i'm sad that one of my more vocal media people isn't able to participate
[6:37 PM] bird_brains: sorry to start in the middle of this, y'all, i just got off of work.
[6:37 PM] hexe: because i wold love to have more input from media folks
[6:37 PM] hexe: no worries, javi
[6:37 PM] jesse: Agreed anyone from media here?
[6:37 PM] dnnlkh: Can we have the new folks do intros?
[6:37 PM] jb: maybe we can do this again w/more media people
[6:37 PM] hexe: hey, could i get the newer arrivals to introduce themselves?
[6:37 PM] jb: JB from CAM
bird_brains: Javi from Seattle
[6:38 PM
dnnlkh: It would be interesting to get the media perspective - as a non-media person, I don't see
[6:39 PM] dnnlkh: the upside beyond documentation for court...
[6:39 PM] hexe: yeah, i was hoping this would spark moe discussion in the future, but only time will tell
[6:39 PM] hexe: about that
[6:39 PM] jesse: public opinion is another point
[6:39 PM] bird_brains: yes.
[6:39 PM] jb: how?
[6:40 PM] jonesy: There's radical media and Mainstream media.
[6:40 PM] bird_brains: the big public outcry about sit-in kids being peppersprayed recently that sparked all the
[6:40 PM] jb: I hear ya bird
[6:40 PM] bird_brains: memes/etc. and that intelligent newscast that was like "HEY GUESS WHAT THIS SHIT HAPPENS
[6:40 PM] hexe: and the most accessible to us is the radical media, another this I want to discuss is
[6:41 PM] bird_brains: ALL THE TIME, you just don't see it because the cops usually rain down on people with less
[6:41 PM] hexe: how/if the ethics of medics and media overlap
[6:41 PM] bird_brains: privilege"
[6:41 PM] jb: elaborate hexe?
[6:42 PM] hexe: well, a lot of activist media has similar ethics to begin with, and i was thinking
[6:42 PM] hexe: the more we interact with media folks adn discuss ethics the more they will be able to
[6:42 PM] hexe: respect our
esther_mack: yes!
[6:43 PM] esther_mack: we really need to explain about patient confidentiality/privacy, before actions, because
[6:43 PM] esther_mack: in the midst of things is really a horrible time to do that
[6:43 PM] jb: right
[6:43 PM] bird_brains: what if you had a card?
[6:43 PM] jb: what would go on it?
[6:43 PM] esther_mack: i think that still would not work, because everything's exciting and hectic and they're
[6:43 PM] esther_mack: in their moment and won't want to take the time to read a card
[6:43 PM] dnnlkh: catching the moment would be hard.
bird_brains: yes, that's fair.
[6:44 PM] jb: so outreach beforhand like the way medics contact local EMS
[6:44 PM] jb: ?
[6:45 PM] hexe: that's part of what i'm doing now, honestly
[6:45 PM] jonesy: mainstream media coverage at the pittsburgh g-20 was awful, can only improve.
[6:45 PM] jb: nice
[6:45 PM] dnnlkh: I feel like this thread taps into the larger (human society) problem of rubber-necking at
[6:45 PM] dnnlkh: accidents.
[6:45 PM] hexe: but i feel like it needs to be an ongoing thing, not just something that happens before ac
[6:45 PM] jesse: A card or premade flier for radical media folks could be really useful
[6:45 PM] hexe: actions
esther_mack: still though, there is the part where media coverage is hugely useful in court
[6:45 PM] jb: interesting delema
jesse: A lot of medic groups have after care cards for paitnets we could do something for media
[6:46 PM] bird_brains: "dear media, please consider the possible repercussions of filming/photographing people ex
b: I was serious about telling media they are creating a med record
[6:46 PM] bird_brains: periencing medical emergencies at actions. Our first principle as medics is to FIRST DO NO
[6:47 PM] bird_brains: HARM." blah blah.
[6:47 PM] esther_mack: what are the implications of media creating a record?
[6:47 PM] esther_mack: how does it affect them/their usage of the recording
[6:47 PM] hexe: legal, both for the patient and the medic
[6:47 PM] jesse: Here is our contact info, we can help faclitiate communication between you and our client
[6:47 PM] dnnlkh: A good point, especially for those of us that also maintain licenses.
[6:48 PM] jb: according to Dick, it would be subject to the same privacy regs as written, esther
y [6:48 PM] jonesy: for the patient's best interests
[6:48 PM] jb: It sure shut one or two insistent camera wielders when I said it
[6:49 PM] hexe: another layer i wanted to discuss is the gender angle
[6:49 PM] jb: yes
[6:49 PM] jb: what's your take?
[6:49 PM] jb: view/
[6:49 PM] hexe: as in, dudes are seriously over-represented in activist media, and i've noticed that
[6:50 PM] dnnlkh: Jb - what do you mean? Like a HIPPA violation?
[6:50 PM] jb: yeah
[6:50 PM] hexe: the medics who are comfortable interacting with media are almost always male-bodied
[6:50 PM] hexe: trans medics generally don't want to be mis-gendered, and many of the female-bodied
[6:50 PM] hexe: medics generally just don't want to be bothered
[6:51 PM] hexe: i feel like there's a loss of voices
[6:51 PM] jb: agreed
[6:51 PM] hexe: accidental, generally, but having only a few types of people represent medics
[6:51 PM] bird_brains: +1.
[6:51 PM] esther_mack: I always feel that I don't know what to say - I'm afraid I'll misspeak and cause a ruckus
[6:51 PM] jb: any ideas to solve it?, hexe?
[6:51 PM] esther_mack: so that's why I don't talk to media
[6:51 PM] hexe: is not giving space for everyone
[6:51 PM] jesse: I feel like medics also don't want to appear on media for fear of being misrepresented
[6:52 PM] esther_mack: medic media relations trainings?
[6:52 PM] hexe: i understand totally about not wanting to make an ss out of yourself on camera
[6:52 PM] jesse: in ways that could palce us in the infighting of the movement
[6:52 PM] hexe: that's honeslty wh i shut up a lot
[6:52 PM] jesse: OSSM has a rule that we don't talk to media unles advocating for a client
hexe: damn i can't type today
[6:53 PM] hexe: i'm sorry folks
[6:53 PM] esther_mack: when would a medic be advocating to media?
[6:53 PM] dnnlkh: Fear of the structural violence associated with screwing up
[6:53 PM] jb: ithis came up in a CAM meeting when some documentary types were around
[6:53 PM] hexe: i hope my gobbldygook makes sense
[6:53 PM] esther_mack: don't worry hexe, this is the Internet
[6:53 PM] bird_brains: Rhizobia's rule
bird_brains: Rhizobia's rule is that we don't give interviews without prior consent from our collective
[6:53 PM] dnnlkh: can be more of a female bodied fear, since structural violence tends to be aimed at us
[6:53 PM] dnnlkh: anyways.
[6:54 PM] esther_mack: we had a medic spokesperson during ATO
[6:54 PM] esther_mack: NATO*
[6:54 PM] bird_brains: and that we don't, generally.
[6:54 PM] jb: we left it at it's okay to talk as an individual but not representing CAM
[6:54 PM] jonesy: a gender/queer medic video wd b cool
[6:54 PM] esther_mack: although that person identified and was easily identifiable as a man
hexe: true
[6:55 PM] jesse: @jonesy agreed
[6:55 PM] jb: there's a lot to be said for anonymity
[6:55 PM] hexe: there really is
[6:56 PM] hexe: selective anonymity especially
[6:56 PM] jonesy: when u make a video you get to say what you want and how u want it
esther_mack: what kind of video?
[6:56 PM] hexe: porn, obvs
[6:56 PM] hexe: j/k
jesse: LAW facials and what not
[6:57 PM] jonesy: Issues in street medicine from a queer perspective
[6:57 PM] esther_mack: lol
[6:57 PM] jonesy: lol
[6:57 PM] bird_brains: <3
[6:57 PM] jb: being a new medic but an old recovering addict
[6:57 PM] jb: I find interesting parallels in the two cultures
[6:57 PM] dnnlkh: yikes.
[6:57 PM] hexe: i feel like when genderqueer people teach medic skillz they usually teach from a queer
[6:57 PM] hexe: perspective
jonesy: yes
[6:58 PM] jesse: I've noticed a huge and under represent queer and trans presences in the medic community
[6:59 PM] esther_mack: yeah. definitely a lot more emphasis on not assuming anything
[6:59 PM] dnnlkh: So the solution is a more diverse base of trainers?
[6:59 PM] bird_brains: +1 Jesse.
[6:59 PM] jesse: but also a huge lack of POC representation
[6:59 PM] esther_mack: really? I have noticed a whole lot of queer/trans presence
[6:59 PM] esther_mack: POC has absoliutely been lacking
[6:59 PM] bird_brains: ding.
hexe: dong
[6:59 PM] esther_mack: Just looking at the NATO protests, I can think of 10 medics off the top of my head who wer
[7:00 PM] esther_mack: e openly queer/trans
[7:00 PM] hexe: yeah, it was pretty cool
[7:00 PM] mostlyhazey: yeah i have noticed a ton of queer/trans medics but i am usually one of the few poc
[7:00 PM] jesse: esther, may have misspoke, noticed a lot of queer trans medics, but not so much in media
[7:00 PM] jesse: rep
[7:00 PM] esther_mack: and when I was trained, it was by two queer medics
[7:00 PM] hexe: but i've noticed that despite ther being a large amount of queers, there seems to be less
[7:00 PM] hexe: of them being visible to people other than medics
[7:01 PM] jesse: True
[7:01 PM] jesse: Okaland is an exeption to the POC thing I've noticed
[7:01 PM] hexe: yeah, i'm sad i couldn't get any Oakland medics up in this
[7:02 PM] jonesy: video title: the media and you (all)
[7:02 PM] jesse: Well shit since I have a bunch of meds here, anyone found a good sub for Maloxx
[7:03 PM] jb: please tell me the problem w/Maloxx
[7:03 PM] hexe: other than the active chems in maalox?
[7:03 PM] dnnlkh: Anything without flavoring or simethicone.
[7:03 PM] hexe: nawp
[7:03 PM] jb: ah
[7:03 PM] jesse: Been reccalled
[7:03 PM] esther_mack: I use saline or salt+water
[7:03 PM] esther_mack: works for the flush, the LAW does feel really good but isn't necessary
[7:04 PM] jb: I had LAW with me at NATO and intended it for topical
[7:04 PM] dnnlkh: There are some teaching water + a few drops of antacid. Some teach the old 1/2 and 1/2
[7:04 PM] hexe: i can't trust jsut using a few drops, psychologically
[7:05 PM] hexe: it just seems lie not enough to work
[7:05 PM] bird_brains: wasn't there a military study done recently that found saline to be more effective? it see
exe: but if anyone has science on it i'll believe it
[7:05 PM] jonesy: checking the ingredients on my mylanta
[7:05 PM] dnnlkh: I'm a traditionalist. 1/2 and 1/2, and flush away.
[7:05 PM] bird_brains: ms like it's the force that washes the volatile oil off the surface of the eye.
hexe: yes, but if i'm making LAAW, it's generally 1/2 & 1/2
[7:06 PM] hexe: just... cuz
[7:06 PM] jesse: I beleave mylanta has been recalled as well
jb: googling
[7:07 PM] jesse left the room.
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[7:07 PM] guest-540577 changed nickname to jesse
[7:07 PM] dnnlkh: Hexe, what else came up when you were thinking of issues with the media?
[7:07 PM] jb: got that right, jesse
[7:08 PM] jb: oh, jesse's gone. A big yep on Mylanta recall
[7:08 PM] jesse: Sorry back
[7:08 PM] esther_mack: why were maalox & mylanta recalled?
[7:08 PM] bird_brains: alcohol in the flavoring.
[7:08 PM] hexe: um i think i've gone through most of my discussion topics actually
[7:08 PM] jb: maalox was covered up pretty well
[7:08 PM] jb: in media
esther_mack: oh hey guys, cops in "riot gear" (per twitter) WERE moving in on a protest in denver
[7:09 PM] esther_mack: 15 min ago
[7:09 PM] jb: yikes
[7:09 PM] bird_brains: :/
[7:09 PM] hexe: is there anything y'all have on your mind re: medics/media/ethics?
[7:09 PM] jesse: Yes lets bring it back
[7:10 PM] jesse: I feel like contact is the best
[7:10 PM] bird_brains: contact?
[7:10 PM] jesse: Getting contact info for patient and media
[7:10 PM] hexe: that's so difficult though
[7:10 PM] jb: rite
[7:10 PM] dnnlk
dnnlkh: Having a intra-collective agreement for behavior seems like a fantastic step.
[7:11 PM] jesse: Agreed but it's hard to know all the media at big event
[7:11 PM
sther_mack: and communicating w media before actions
[7:11 PM] dnnlkh: And bystanders with cell phone cameras, etc.
[7:11 PM] esther_mack: i think that designating a buddy pair (if there are enough) to talk to/hand out cards
[7:11 PM] jesse: That's why I like the card idea
[7:11 PM
jesse: Agreed but it's hard to know all the media at big event
[7:11 PM] esther_mack: and communicating w media before actions
[7:11 PM] dnnlkh: And bystanders with cell phone cameras, etc.
[7:11 PM] esther_mack: i think that designating a buddy pair (if there are enough) to talk to/hand out cards
[7:11 PM] jesse: That's why I like the card idea
[7:11 PM] esther_mack: to media at the beginning of actions is a good idea
[7:12 PM] esther_mack: bystanders are harder.... mic checks may work for that, or trainings/discussions beforehan
[7:12 PM] esther_mack: d
[7:12 PM] jb: bystanders w/cams were perplexed many times, I noticed
[7:12 PM] dnnlkh: That might have the same problem as people walking around with gas masks on -
[7:12 PM] dnnlkh: escalates the situation if we're anticipating having patients.
[7:12 PM
jb: some felt they were helping the patient by documenting
[7:13 PM] esther_mack: bystanders *may* be less intense about documenting
[7:13 PM] esther_mack: true
jesse: I feel like documenting is less problmatic then posting
[7:14 PM] esther_mack: (true is to both jb and kat)
[7:14 PM] esther_mack: also true. but there are still possible legal ramifications and we can't be sure that thin
[7:14 PM] esther_mack: things will not be posted
[7:15 PM] esther_mack: when I was running at NATO my buddy and I had an agreement that if one of us got hurt
[7:15 PM] jonesy: one thing that's been happening is that activists pictures are more and more winding up in
[7:15 PM
esther_mack: the other would not prevent media from documenting
[7:15 PM] jonesy: police databases
[7:15 PM] jb: with bystanders most the time I just calmly said please no photos and it worked
[7:16 PM] jesse: Agreed, if a person is an ally they will be understanding. If not then get some alies to
[7:16 PM
jesse: block them
[7:16 PM] jb: right. People generally got the idea & helped block, I noticed
[7:16 PM] jonesy: i look for really expensive cameras
[7:17 PM] jb: meaning media/cops, jonesy?
[7:17 PM] jesse: Alright have to go good chat though
[7:17 PM] jesse left the room.
[7:17 PM] jb: peace, jess
[7:17 PM] hexe: alright everyone, i might have to peace out really soon
[7:17 PM] hexe: but i'm really happy about the discussions we got to have
[7:17 PM] jb: I really liked this. Thank you, hexe
[7:18 PM] hexe: (I'm starving and there's a workshop about to start where I'm interneting)
[7:18 PM] jb: & everybody
[7:18 PM
jonesy: thanks hexe
[7:18 PM] guest-540778 entered the room.
[7:18 PM] esther_mack left the room.
[7:18 PM] guest-540784 entered the room.
[7:18 PM] jb: ciao peps
[7:18 PM] hexe: i totally want to thank everyone who came
[7:18 PM] dnnlkh: Thanks, Hexe. Hope to see y'all out there.
[7:18 PM] guest-540784 changed nickname to esther_mack
[7:18 PM] hexe: the internet is amazing! :D
[7:18 PM] bird_brains: nice to chat, y'all. stay safe. thank you Hexe.
[7:19 PM] jb: sure is amazing!
[7:19 PM
hexe: you too, javi
[7:19 PM] dnnlkh: PS, the brownies are done. Stop by Mpls and get you some.
[7:19 PM] jb left the room.
[7:19 PM] hexe: alright, i'll get in my teleporter :)
[7:19 PM] bird_brains: i'd be interested in doing this again with folks, about other topics.
[7:19 PM] hexe: yes!
[7:19 PM] guest-540778 changed nickname to beccs
[7:19 PM] hexe: that would be awesome
[7:19 PM] bird_brains: omg the cardboard teleporter is complete?
[7:19 PM] bird_brains: i'm going to portland tonite!
[7:20 PM] guest-540814 entered the room.
[7:20 PM] beccs left the room.
[7:20 PM] guest-540814 changed nickname to jb
beccs left the room.
[7:20 PM] guest-540814 changed nickname to jb
[7:20 PM] hexe: alrighty, i'm out
[7:20 PM] jonesy: jones is interested in video-making 4 medics
[7:20 PM] hexe: love you all
[7:20 PM] hexe: let's keep this going!
[7:20 PM] hexe: <3
[7:20 PM] dnnlkh left the room.
[7:20 PM] esther_mack left the room.
[7:20 PM

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