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Street medics serve a variety of roles, both in and out of protests.

Street medics hold themselves to a very high ethical standard. They emphasize over and over again the importance of Do no harm interventions, consent, always working as 1/2 of a buddy pair, and knowing their own limits.

Street medics are partisan medicine, providing care as a means of support in a social struggle. Their deep respect for everyone they treat is not just how they maintain their own safety; it is their purpose for doing this work.

  • Athens manifesto - proposals about medic rights and responsibilities to each other, drafted at the Medics Gathering, held in Athens in August of 2001.
  • DNC medic points of unity - Ethical standard for street medic care at the 2004 protests outside the Democratic National Convention in Boston.
  • CGHC points of unity - Points of unity adopted in September 2005 by the clinicians who founded Common Ground Health Clinic in New Orleans after Hurricane Katrina.
  • Some expectations of street medics - Some basic things that are expected of street medics are for protection and efficacy in treating patients.
  • Usage of the Red Cross and Red Crescent emblems - Usage of the Red Cross symbol to identify yourself is restricted by internation law. This page tells why and gives you some alternatives.

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