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Street medic aftercare handouts (all updated in 11/06):

  1. Blister
  2. Blunt Projectile Injury
  3. Burn
  4. Chemical weapons exposure
  5. Cough
  6. Colds and the flu
  7. Dehydration
  8. Emotional stress
  9. Frostnip
  10. Hand cuff injury
  11. Head injury
  12. Nosebleed
  13. Runny nose with itchy eyes (Allergic rhinitis)
  14. Sore throat
  15. Sprains / strains
  16. Stuffy and runny noses
  17. Taser injury
  18. Wound

Other aftercare articles:

  • Documenting injuries (police brutality) - How to document injuries for lawsuits and criminal defense
  • Emotional aftercare (herbal) - Some people hold stress in their bodies following demos. These formulas may aid a person in their emotional recovery
  • Injury aftercare (herbal) - There are numerous herbal remedies for injuries that help the body to heal faster with less residual damage. This formula can be used for a wide variety of injuries such as cuts, scrapes, bruises, sprains and strains

See also:

  • Most "Medical issues" articles include relevant aftercare information.

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