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We seek to operate this center according to non hierarchical principles of solidarity.

We have therefore agreed upon the following standards and expect everyone working here to abide by them. If you cannot, there is plenty of other productive work to do in the area. Just ask.

  1. Our first goal is to focus on our patients' needs. Egos & agendas, political, religious, medical, or otherwise must not interfere with this.
  2. Certifications, skill level & experience will be respected in regards to patient care. They will not translate into hierarchy of duties or division of labor. Everyone can clean toilets, organize supplies, wash dishes, & pick up after themselves.
  3. All patients & others will be treated with respect & dignity. Patients will be talked with, not at or about in front of them. Patients will be informed about their conditions to the best of their providers' ability. Medical jargon will be explained in lay person's terms.
  4. This space aspires to work in solidarity with this community, not as charity for it. Every effort will be made to assess skill and willingness to volunteer among our patients & visitors.
  5. Patient confidentiality will be protected at least to standard professional requirements and state & federal law, including HIPPA.
  6. When training and/or orienting co-medics, patients will not be objectified (see 3 above).

The following two points were added after Hurricane Rita.

  1. Everyone will be sensitive to issues of oppression and diversity. Please call out oppressive behaviors in others and be prepared to have them called out and dealt with in yourself.
  2. Everyone will practice within their skill level. Training will be ongoing.
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