Queen Armada Queen Armada 3 June 2012


Transexuals are females.Transexuals have male bulk but in feminin shape.Its just a large girl.They from their reproduction reproduce females or more girls.There are naturally born model transexuals.Transexuals have a feminin name.Their body is of female branch.They have female body parts but in male quantity which is more.Maintain their figure as I do.But I translated to more male messages to be the same as guys which is the problem of tranny's they are not the same as guys in nature.I have this and could retain more female form with drugs,medications.Transexuals have male in them but interpreted into female.Too many of them have too much female in them reliability on guys as females.Hormone.Hormone is different than usual as they have hid…

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Kaleisthebestmedicine Kaleisthebestmedicine 19 April 2012

medics needed May 9th

Over 1000 people are expected to protest Bank of America's annual shareholder meeting May 9 in Charlotte, NC. Medics are desperately needed for this demonstration and possibly for a training the weekend before the action. If you or anyone in your medic collective can help, contact karlyn for housing and logistics at kaleisthebestmedicine@gmail.com

Check out the call to action here: http://www.ncagainstcorporatepower.org/2012/04/join-the-99-to-break-up-the-bank-of-america-shareholders-meeting-in-charlotte/

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Fredericjones Fredericjones 28 September 2009

Reflections G-20 Pittsburgh, 2009

Was overwhelmed by the skills, the mentality, the group intellect, the creativity, the kindness of the medical group at the G-20:

- a fully decked-out and staffed clinic/wellness center with several traditions of medicine practiced;

- a twenty-hour street medic school willing to deal with newcomers;

- an array of(probably more than 50)medics with various and complementary skill levels, all exhibiting intense determination to support and treat protesters around the clock, including jail support...co-ordinated by dispatch...

- planning meetings each day before each protest, facilitated by experienced medics;

  • possibly even underutilized,
  • discussion of extending treatment to underserved,host-city neighbors...

It has been my great fortune to be involv…

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