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2004 Republican National Convention protest activity includes the broad range of marches, rallies, performances, demonstrations, exhibits, and acts of civil disobedience in New York City to protest the 2004 Republican National Convention and the nomination of President George W. Bush for the 2004 US. presidential election, as well as a much smaller number of people who marched to support Bush at the convention.

Hundreds of groups organized protests, including United for Peace and Justice, a coalition of more than 800 anti-war and social justice groups, and International ANSWER. Over 1800 individuals were arrested by the authorities, a record for a political convention in the US. However nearly all of these charges were eventually dropped.

Illnesses and Injuries Treated Reported for RNC[edit | edit source]

These numbers are, of course, limited to the experiences of those people who were acting as medics who called in to report. Many thanks to all those who called in with special mention to those who called EVERY DAY and those who called to report tallies while they were in jail.

Symptoms treated[edit | edit source]

  • 535 + lots Hand Cuff related injuries
  • 142 + lots Stress/Anxiety/Emotional Support
  • 112 Sunburns (including prevention)
  • 105 Bruises
  • 102 Sore Throats
  • 80 + lots Dehydration (including prevention)
  • 70 Respiratory Complaints many of which are thought to be related to conditions at Pier 57
  • 57 Rashes many of which are thought to be related to conditions at Pier 57
  • 50 Blisters
  • 46 Cuts/Scrapes/Lacerations (including facial abrasions)
  • 34 Sprains/Strains/Breaks
  • 20 Pepper Spray
  • 16 Burns
  • 16 Head Injuries
  • 11 Nausea
  • 6 Heat Exhaustion
  • 4 Vomiting
  • 4 Fever
  • 3 Diarrhea

Locations of Treatment[edit | edit source]

The majority of treatment occurred at 100 Center street as people were being released from custody. Handcuff injuries and emotional support were the most commonly observed injuries. It was at 100 Center Street that the first signs of the effects of the Pier 57 conditions were observed on Saturday night, allowing for advocacy efforts to begin early in the process. Injuries treated and prevented on the street primarily consisted of blisters, sun burn, dehydration, sore throats, and sun burn, and 9 of the reports of bruising from being hit by police batons or scooters came from people reporting from the various marches and demonstration. 20 pepper spray treatments were reported. The healing space at St. Marks Church saw many patients with rashes and respiratory effects following their release from the Pier, provided wound/blister care and infection prevention, as well as treatment for a variety of infections and on-going conditions. Stress, anxiety and emotional trauma were also seen at the healing space.

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